Musical Echoes 2007

I made it to Musical Echoes in 2007 and I must say, it was an incredible experience!  My travel partner, Steven, and I drove up from St. Petersburg to the panhandle and we spent all of Friday, Saturday and the A.M. of Sunday hanging out at the event.

The food, the people, the entertainment and the atmosphere were all spectacular!  It was great to sit back and chat it up with other flute makers...especially these guys!  We're talking the best of the best flute makers around, all gathered in one spot to share their talents with flute enthusiasts from all over.  What a great place to spend three beautiful sunny Florida days along the water's edge!

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The competition this year was fierce!

An incredible assortment of flutes
This year's theme was 'turtles'

Flint napping, using a deer antler

Handmade bows

Carving sticks for the Stickball players

Steven, Dock Silverhawk & Michelle

Steven & Margie Gatti

Margie signs a poster for Steven

Keith Glowka (Maker of Buffalo Horn Flutes) & Michelle

Larry Evans of Mockingbird Flutes & Michelle

Leonard McGann & Michelle

Michelle & Brad 'Dogsoldier' Young of 4 Wind Flutes

Utah Farris of Flight Feather Flutes & Michelle

Michelle & Kuzin' Bruce

Michelle & Larry Wood of Island Flutes

Michelle & Dave McCullen of the
Intertribal Cultural Arts Society

Steven is gifted a rim-blown flute from David
and is given some advice on how to play it.

Scott Kennedy of Fire Wind Flutes & Michelle

Ed WindDancer trying to look tough for the camera

Ed WindDancer performing on main stage

Robert Mirabal

Patrick & Robert Mirabal
sounding great and having fun

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